8 Ways To Give Your Spare Room The WOW Factor!

Many homes have that elusive spare room, don’t they?

It’s that storage room that you’ll eventually get around to doing something with or that spare bedroom without a bed or if we’re being a bit more honest that junk room that we just don’t do anything with!

But you should do something with it because a spare room is a very valuable commodity and with just a few, simple touches you can easily give it that WOW factor and transform it into something new. Let’s look at 8 ways you can revolutionise your spare room!

A Home Gym

Gym memberships can be expensive and if you have the equipment at home then turning your spare room into a personal home gym can give it a whole new lease of life! Paint it in natural colours, maybe hang up some posters and then get your exercise equipment in place. You could even add a stereo or music system so you can listen to your playlist while you work out.

A Personal Movie Theatre

You can keep it simple or be as grand as you like with a home movie theatre. Some comfy chairs and big TV will do the job just fine but if you can afford it you can always add a popcorn machine, mini-fridge and much more. Be warned there is a good chance friends and family will be showing up a lot more often to visit when they find out you have your own home theatre.

A Library

Why keep books hidden away in a living room bookshelf on a shelf when you can proudly display them in a home library? You can even add your own little reading space so you’ll always have a place to relax and enjoy your favourite authors.

A Playroom

If you have kids then turning your spare room into their personalised playroom can be a great way to help keep their bedrooms neat and tidy. You could keep it simple and just add some toy boxes and games or build a ball pit or pool table for them to enjoy.

A Walk In Wardrobe

If you love your clothes but find yourself struggling with limit wardrobe space then turning your spare room into a walk in wardrobe is a great idea. You’ll have a lot more room for storage and you could even add some full-length mirrors, a make-up table and much more.

A Laundry Room

It might not be quite as fun as modelling in your own walk in wardrobe but turning your spare room into a laundry room can certainly help cut down on work. If you have a big family then having a designated laundry room will make getting the work done much easier and it will help ensure no clothes or shoes go missing.

A Home Office

Whether you work from home or not a home office can be very beneficial it will give you a quiet place free from distractions. It might sound boring but you can decorate it however you like so have fun with it, it doesn’t just have to be a computer desk and chair. 

A Music Room

If you love music then make your spare room a testament to it! If you play an instrument display it proudly and arrange all your music books and equipment inside. You could even have a seating area for an audience so you could do your own shows from home.

And remember you don’t have to play an instrument to enjoy music if you enjoy listening to music rather than playing it then turn your spare room into a music lovers paradise! You can store and arrange your CD’s or vinyl records and then have some comfy seating so you can listen to music in complete comfort.