Amazing lighting ideas for your home

Everyone's home will have lighting, won’t it? But lighting is often ordinary and to be fair a little dull!

It’s simple and very no-thrills in the majority of cases which is a real shame because lighting can be used to great effect.
You can literally transform the look and feel of a room with the lighting alone and some creative thinking can make a big difference. Today I’ am going to share some amazing lighting ideas that you can easily replicate in your home, so if you’re bored of the same old lighting try out some of these exciting new tricks.
Outdoor Lights
Outdoors lights can be a big help when it comes to not just brightening up your garden but also providing extra safety on dark nights. External lighting comes in many forms and one of the most popular is solar powered lamps which can be placed alongside paths or in flower beds.
They are useful for highlighting areas of your garden like your driveway or flowerbeds but they don’t offer much more than that. To really get creative with outdoor lighting you should try uplighters, these are great options because they spread light up the exterior of your home. With uplighters and lamps working together you can beautifully highlight the exterior of your property.
Strip Lights
Strip lights are incredibly versatile and can be used to great effect in a number of rooms with ease! You can use them to highlight shelving units and displays which is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms but they can also be used in kitchens to add extra light to your workspaces and countertops.
Simply attach the lights under the kitchen counters and you’ll not only have a more soft tranquil lighting for your kitchen but also be able to prepare food more easily thanks to the extra light source. Strip lights can be used all around your home to great effect but make sure you don’t overdo it. They work better when they are being used to highlight certain areas or features so keep that in mind.
Lamps might not be as instantly flashy as strip lighting or uplighters but they can still be used to great effect. A table lamp placed in just the right spot can provide a softer more relaxing light source and they are ideal for bedside tables and cabinets especially if you like to read in bed.
Dimmer Switches
Dimmer switches can be utilized with your home’s lighting to help give you more options when it comes to lighting up your house. With a dimmer switch, you can reduce harsh lighting to make a room instantly more relaxing.
The later it gets the softer the light should be and a dimmer switch is a small thing that can make a big difference. Many lamps also have dimmer switches which means you can get more options when it comes to lighting up your room. A softer glow can have a big effect so dimmer switches are a great feature to invest in.
Coloured Lighting
Coloured lighting isn’t just for the Christmas tree! It can be used to great effect in a number of rooms and coloured lighting comes in many forms. The coloured LED fairy lights you use on the Christmas tree can make a great decoration for a child’s bedroom especially when wrapped around something.
While coloured light bulbs can help give rooms a more unusual colour scheme, you don’t have to go for drastic lighting colour like red or green. Switching to softer blue bulb, for example, can give your living room a more relaxing light. Coloured lighting is great for kids rooms but with some creative thinking, they can be used almost anywhere to create unique and stylish home lighting.