Christmas present ideas for new homebuyers!

Whether it’s decorations in shops or the sudden appearance of Christmas trees around your high-street the most festive time of year is nearly here.
Which means you’re going to have start thinking about buying presents.
The good news is if you know someone who is a recent homebuyer or planning on becoming one in the New Year then there are plenty of great things you can get them. And if you yourself are a recent homebuyer then you can always treat yourself with one of these great gifts for Christmas as well can’t you?
So, without further ado let’s look at some amazing Christmas present ideas for new homeowners.
New Bedding
It might not be the most exciting gift ever but anyone moving into a new home should have new bedding! There are plenty of options as well when it comes to colours and designs and you could even splash out on something a little more luxurious.
It’s the traditional gift for new homes after all! And because it’s Christmas you can even put a festive twist on it. You could buy a potted Poinsettia if you want the traditional Christmas plant or opt for a Holly and Ivy spray. There are plenty of options when it comes to plants and they’ll make fantastic long-lasting gifts for new homebuyers. Don’t forget to get a nice pot to display the plant it as well.
New Towels
Trust me, people will remember their first bath or shower in their new home but few people actually remember to buy new towels for it. But just like bedding, a new home should have new towels so why not get some as a gift? Towels don’t have to be boring there’s some amazing colourful designs out there and some more luxurious options as well.
Decorative Pillows
Pillows are versatile, comfortable and come in an amazing array of designs! In short, they make great gifts for new homeowners because they can be used in so many different rooms. They’re also something that not many new homeowners will think about so they make great surprising gifts. You could opt for a single personalised pillow that would be ideal for an office chair or bedroom or get a set of pillows so new homeowners can kit out their entire living room.
Artwork/ Photographs
It can feel like there is a lot of empty wall space when you move into a new home so buying something to fill that up will make a great gift for new home owners! There are so many choices when it comes to artwork that you’ll be literally spoilt for choice.
You could opt for a traditional canvas print or painting or something more unusual and quirky like a framed movie poster. And of course, there are plenty of options when it comes to photographs as well. It all depends on who you’re buying for but there’s sure to being something you can find that will make a fantastic gift.
New Cutlery/ Plates
Cutlery will always go missing during a move - you might manage to safely transport some of it but you’ll end up with a few missing pieces. It’s just one of those mysteries of the moving process, so new cutlery is always going to be appreciated especially if you opt for something a little more fancy or unusual.
Plate sets are another great gift for Christmas because you can’t have a proper housewarming party without new plates. Plus new homeowners can get settled in and enjoy their Christmas dinner with their new plate set straightaway. They might not sound like the most exciting gift ever but you might be surprised by the amazing variety of colours and designs available.
Coasters and Cups
These make the perfect couple so I think it’s only fair to combine them together. Every new home will need a fresh set of cups or glasses and don’t worry there’s plenty of great designs to choose from. Coasters are just as important and they make nice decorative pieces as well, you could even get some more luxurious marble coasters if you want to spend a little more.
Shopping Vouchers
If you really want to play it safe then you can’t really go wrong with shopping vouchers, can you? New home buyers will be sure to appreciate shopping vouchers of almost any kind because they’ll have plenty of things they’ll need to buy once they’ve got settled in. They are not the most creative gift but they will certainly be useful.
So, that’s a look at some great gift ideas for new homeowners. Whether it’s friends, family or even yourself any of these ideas are sure to make an amazing present.