Colour trends for 2019

If you’re thinking about decorating your home in 2019, it’s time to start thinking about colour trends.

Whether you’re focusing on one room or the entire house, it’s helpful to know which colours are popular with others. There are a number of colour trends expected for 2019, many of which haven’t been seen in recent years.
Top Colour Trends for 2019
Hazelnut - Gone are the days of cream and beige, in 2019 it’s all about hazelnut. Hazelnut’s popularity comes from the fact that it’s subtle and understated, meaning that it’ll always be in style. The colour doesn’t clash with anything and it can brighten up dark spaces. Though it’s a safe bet, it’s a safe bet that will look great.
Dark Greens - Green has been a popular colour palette for many years now, but in 2019 it’s all about dark greens. These shades are rich, deep and enticing. It doesn’t matter which specific dark green shade that you choose, it’s sure to bring a sense of nature and intrigue to any room. Dark green is best used on focal walls, as too much can cause unnecessary darkness in certain areas.
Muted Pastels - When we think of pastels, most people think of baby pinks and baby blues shades. However, in 2019 it’s all about muted pastels. They are soothing colours that create a feeling of tranquillity and calm. Muted pastels are most commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens and nurseries. Plus, they are ideal if you are someone who prefers a minimalist approach to decorating.
Mustard - Though mustard may not be the first choice for many it has become a surprisingly popular colour. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to any room, without being as brash as gold. Mustard is ideal if you are looking to create a rich and smart vibe, especially if you use it on a statement wall.
As you can see, the colour trends for 2019 are varied. As well as there being muted and subtle colours, there are also dark and noticeable colours. This means that there’s a colour trend for every style and every room.