Cosy décor ideas to snuggle down to!

Well, the winter is coming or it might even be here depending on when you’re reading this so that means you need to get your home more warm and cosy.

There are plenty of ways you can do that and they don’t all involve turning your heating up or sitting in front of your fire.
You can do much more than just that and best of all making your home cosier can be a lot of fun as well! Plus with my cosy décor tips it will be easy so don’t worry you won’t have to even do a lot of work if you don’t want to. So, without further ado let’s count down my cosy décor tips.
Blankets and Throws
Blankets don’t have to just be used in the bedroom they can also make great throws for chairs and sofas. Of course, if you want something a little more form-fitting you could opt for fabric throws instead. Whichever option you opt for both blankets and throws can make living rooms much more cosy and comfortable places to be.
Extra Cushions
Let’s stick with the living room, for now, if you’re adding a blanket or throw to your chairs or sofa you should make sure you get some extra cushions as well. Larger cushions are amazing for creating a more cosy atmosphere I mean who doesn’t want to experience diving into their own nest of cushions when they’re resting or watching TV? You can use this tip in your bedroom as well by getting some extra plush pillows.
Fill Up Empty Spaces
Empty spaces can make even your most warm and cosy room feel cold and oppressive especially in the winter. So, if you have a lot of empty space you should get it filled and best of all there are plenty of ways to do it.
If you have a lot of empty space in the middle of your living room for example then you could fill it with a cosy ottoman footstool, some plants or even a coffee table. You should also look at filling the empty space on your walls as well, a framed picture or artwork can make a big difference when it comes to creating a more cosy and comfortable room.
Get Some Books
This one might sound a little strange but trust me when I say books have a strange way of making any setting cosier. Now, of course, you don’t want to overload your room with them but adding a bookshelf or two and filling them with some nice books can make any room feel more comfortable. Best of all if you get a built-in bookshelf you can fill up empty wall space at the same time.
Rugs Are Your Friend
Rugs are amazing bits of décor when it comes to making your home cosier and I love them. If you have a hardwood floor then rugs are essential for adding some more comfort to your living space. Large shag-style rugs are fashionable, colourful and are perfect for adding some warmth and comfort to your home although you have plenty of other styles to choose from if they’re not to your liking.
Light Things Up
Light is a strange one because dark rooms can be cosy and will actually feel colder when you add more light. However, when used correctly light can make rooms really cosy you just need to use it correctly and strike the right balance.
Table lamps and floor lamps are some of the best tools to use and make sure you use lamp shades to give them a more warm and cosy glow. If you have large windows you can also utilise them to bring in some more natural light as well.
Paint A Feature Wall
This is one of the more time-consuming ways to make your home cosier but you’re only painting one wall, aren’t you? The best way to utilise a feature wall is by painting it with a contrasting colour or by using a darker shade. A deep red or orange can really add new dimensions to a room and make it feel more cosy and comfortable.
Use Bright Accessories
You might think simply painting a room a bright colour will make it feel cosier but strangely that rarely ever works. You should instead utilise bright colours sparingly in any room you want to make more comfortable and cosy. A bright coloured vase, picture frame, ornament or piece of artwork can make a huge difference and will help make any room feel more comfortable.
Play Around With Things And Experiment
So, that’s a look at many of the ways you can make your home more cosy and comfortable! Remember to make it fun and experiment a little that’s the best way to discover great new décor tricks after all. And don’t be afraid of doing something unusual or unexpected because it could certainly work.