"Do I need an online valuation?"

When an online valuation is ideal, and when you need a face-to-face instead.

You may have noticed we now offer an instant online valuation for your home. There are so many benefits to completing this online, but there are some occasions when you need a valuation in person as well. We’ve written this blog to help you figure out which you need, and the positives to both!


What is an online instant valuation?

Our instant valuation allows you to input your details and postcode into an online tool, which will then give you an idea of what your home is worth.

Most website property valuations are based on data from the Land Registry collected from real sale prices. They use this data to estimate the value of your home based on location, size (number of bedrooms etc) and current market conditions.


So what are the pros to an online instant valuation?

  • Easy to complete, can be done in minutes!
  • Can be completed from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. That means during your lunch break in your office, or from your sofa at midnight.
  • Gives you a great idea of an estimated window, and can be very accurate for standard homes!
  • Discovering what your home may be worth could help you decide whether you would like to sell or not.
  • You can satisfy your curiosity without any effort or commitment!


When is it better to get a valuation in person as well?

  • An online valuation can’t take into account the interior of your property, so won’t know about any improvements or modifications that you may have made to the inside; for example, if you have had a new kitchen or boiler installed, then you may well have added considerable value to your property that won’t be taken into account.
  • A face-to-face provides a much more accurate valuation.
  • If your home is unusual and not like the others surrounding it, the instant valuation won’t be as accurate.
  • Meeting in person can help you get a feel for the agent, and gives you the ability to ask questions to decide if they are the RIGHT agent for you.

Online valuations only provide a very general estimate, but they can be a useful guide and give an indication of what your property is worth. It’s also incredibly quick, easy and convenient. We’re always happy to visit your property to assess its condition thoroughly and offer you a more accurate valuation based on your actual property in the current market.

For more information about valuations or to book a face-to-face valuation give us a call.

Or to get your home selling journey started NOW, and find out what your home is worth within minutes, go to our instant FREE online valuation tool, by clicking HERE.