East London's creative couple on what they think of the local area and why they chose it as a base

Working from their East London home, couple Baldy and The Fidget spoke to us about the local area, their future dreams and why everyone should use prints in the home.

Husband and wife team, Angus and Heidi Griffin work and live in East London. Having both come from a creative and artistic background, they decided to mix work and play to create their joint business venture. Baldy and The Fidget produce museum-quality prints to uplift and awaken any interior and when they aren’t being fantastically imaginative, they are being parents to their beautiful baby boy. We managed to catch up with the inventive duo and spoke all things East End, inspiration and what the future holds.

Baldy and The Fidget. That’s quite a name – tell us where it came from?

Angus has been a bit of a baldy for quite some time and is the more follicley challenged out of his friends. Heidi is the Fidget and has been named as such as she can't sit still without twitching, shuffling or fiddling with something. Baldy and the Fidget seemed like a very apt name! It's us.

How did you meet?

We used to go to school together in Cheshire up until when we were about 12. We were in different classes but knew of each other. As time moved on and we took our separate paths, the Facebook craze really hit. We reconnected through Facebook and met up for dinner. The rest is history! Still going strong 10 years later.

Have you always wanted to create prints? 

Angus comes from a print and graphic design background. Heidi comes from a fashion design, print and painting background. Art and design has always been in our lives from a very young age. We decided that we wanted to make our creations more accessible to all and therefore the print business was born. We also want to create a business that our little boy would also enjoy.

What is the process for creating a new print?

Angus creates his designs using his trusty computer. Heidi is more old school and sticks to pens, pencils and paint.

Where do you get inspiration?

Absolutely anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes not at convenient times! An idea may pop to mind in the shower, the loo or even mid conversation with a friend or each other. Usually we know from each others sudden drifting look that an idea has sparked! There also follows a quick dash to find paper to jot the idea down before we forget it. Also not convenient if the idea appears in the middle of the night!

Describe East London in 3 words.

Quirky, creative, changeable.

Why did you choose East London as a base?

Personally we think East London is breeding ground of creativity. There is a real mix of old and new.

What does the future hold for you?

Might need a crystal ball to answer this one! To be honest we have some really exciting things up our sleeve. Once our little boy allows us a little more time in the day, we will reveal all!

For more information head to www.baldyandthefidget.com 

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