Finding a Trustworthy Home Repairman

When things go wrong as a landlord and you need repairs done you can often be left scrambling, particularly if you’ve no idea where to start.

However, with a few simple tips, you could avoid not only a huge bill, but also working with rogue handymen. Here are a number of tips to help you find a trustworthy repairman you can expect to do a wonderful job.
Seeking recommendations from around
Even landlords have neighbours, family members and friends. Talking to them when you need a repairman can always get you sorted time and again. Even with top notch websites and fast internet word of mouth recommendations still work pretty well, especially when you want a plumber, electrician or other very fast. You even have a chance to get the most affordable yet does a wonderful job.
Don’t ignore fellow tradespeople
Looking for a plumber yet you know an electrician? Don’t ignore that reliable tradesperson you know. They just might get you the repairman you need. If you know a plumber for instance and you want a roof repairer fast, ask them for recommendations. In their line of work they usually know lots of people involved in all manner of undertakings, particularly those who can be called at a moment’s notice.
Local directory
Most people would tell you the age of business directory is long gone but not the case. You can definitely try the local directory with all the various businesses and you might make a wonderful hit. Online local business directories are also places where tradespeople are aplenty, including those in close proximity to the house you want repaired.
Try out trading standards
Not many landlords and home owners know local authorities usually have trusted schemes for traders to aid the public in finding the repairmen and tradespeople they need. These include roofers, plumbers, electricians and many others. The only thing you need is a postcode and once you run it in Trading Standards website you’ll find reputable tradespersons you can get in touch with immediately.
Another scheme backed by the government to help the public find the reputable tradespeople they need is TrustMark. You only need a mere postcode and all the closest repairmen approved and reputable will appear. The advantages of using the government supported scheme is that you get access to repairmen who’ve been checked and approved for skills, financial status, work quality, among others. TrustMark also lends its logo to firms to signify that the tradespeople firm carrying their logo adhere to a code of practice, which’s perpetually checked and verified, covering diverse agreements such as code to proper safety and health practices, insurance and customer service.
During emergencies
In most cases you might need emergency repairmen and you don’t have the time to rate them first or seek assurance they’ll do a quality job. In such a case, taking out home emergency insurance is a fantastic idea. In case of an emergency and you need, say a plumber, the insurer will send you a reputable one immediately to help mitigate the problem. During emergencies, the insurer then becomes your first line of assistance. Note than home insurance covers might not automatically give you the service; request for it even if as an add-on.
Once you get the repairman:
  • Ensure they’re well briefed to make sure you both know what to expect
  • Request to know their guarantees if any
  • Check to establish whether the repairman or repair firm has contact information
  • Pop into the work area regularly to make sure they’re still working
Once you get a good repairman you might want to keep their number to avoid scrambling around again when you need them.