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As local residents and Waltham Forest Council strive to unlock the town’s thriving cultural ability, we look at why E17 is the place to live.

From Dalston and Hoxton to Leyton and Stratford, there has been no stopping East London’s regeneration in recent years. Towns that were once viewed as ‘end of the line’ destinations are now being described as the place to be and Walthamstow has recently topped the list of 40 first-time buyers spots in the capital.

Location and price are hugely important when it comes to property searches and there is no denying it - Walthamstow is a convenient choice for those seeking an affordable alternative to areas such as Dalston and Shoreditch. Locals are now waving goodbye to the rundown shops and greasy takeaway places that haunted the E17 streets and are welcoming cosmopolitan eateries and pop-up shops with open arms.

Increasingly, we are seeing the local community coming together to make the place that they call home, better and more welcoming. Locus – the brainchild of two local business owners, Stella and Khary, is an example of this and is a community-focused hub. Providing affordable adult classes and workshops for the local community, Locus also offers affordable pop-up spaces for budding local entrepreneurs and makers to test, market and sell their products without the burden of long, costly leases. In the past 20 years, Walthamstow has gone through many positive and rapid changes however as more people flock to the area, affordable and accessible workspaces are few and far between which is why more groups such as Locus aim to combat this.

Waltham Forest Council is also committed to the success of its towns and has created a similar project on a bigger scale. Central Parade is a mixed-use creative hub, including a variety of retail, co-working, studio and exhibition space and a bakery-cafe where events and workshops take place. Funded directly by the London Borough of Waltham Forest and the Greater London Authority’s High Street Fund, the project strives to unlock Walthamstow’s potential as a thriving cultural town centre, supporting multiple creative disciplines and businesses to co-locate, share resources, learn and collaborate.

However, the community spirit doesn’t end there. With support from the London Borough of Waltham Forest and the GLA, a new performance venue run by the community for the community, has opened in the heart of Walthamstow. CentrE17 is the area’s first designated performance space, located minutes from Walthamstow tube station. Artistic Director of CentrE17, Max Peters said: “My wife Ruth Peters and I direct the Walthamstow community production and we struggled to find somewhere to perform and rehearse. We felt a larger performance specific space was needed.” Having opened in July, the new centre features performances, classes, workshops, lectures, comedy nights and much more and any profit goes back into the company to further support the community. It can’t be denied that Walthamstow just seems to be getting better and better and Max added, “We are lucky to live amongst wonderful, friendly and supportive people who genuinely want to help each other make the area a fantastic place to live.”

Whilst the regeneration of East London’s town may be impressive, the most inspiring and notable thing to come out of it continues to be the community spirit.




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