Going green in a technological London with smart benches

London fights back against environmental damage while giving Londoners the charge they need with solar powered charging stations.

More and more public spaces are creating technology hubs which usually include a charging station for your iPhone or Samsung, alongside an outlet to charge your laptop. Places like international airports have been the first of its kind to create these innovative and novel hot spots, to help travellers pass the time during long layovers.
As more and more public spaces are transforming these areas into full out entertainment centres, public outdoor spaces in London have upped the ante by providing solar powered benches sprinkled around different parts of the city.  Strawberry Energy, a Serbian based environmentally friendly tech company, is the creator of the solar powered urban furniture for cities with sustainability at the top of their list.
So, What’s the Hype All About?
These solar powered benches come equipped with an array of tech capabilities, from charging one’s mobile phone to accessing the internet using their free Wi-Fi. Most of these smart benches are along sidewalks, in parks and business complexes, making it easy for the average Londoner to stay connected without fearing that their battery might die from surfing Instagram.  Whether a sunny day or not, these smart benches are powered by the sun and are available 24/7, as it pulls in solar energy and converts it into stored energy. 
In addition, these tech savvy seating areas are equipped with environmental sensors that tell us about the environment around us such as local temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, noise, and air pressure, all of which can be accessed through a mobile app.  An environmental and technological blessing for any sustainable city, this is particularly appealing for tourists and those on the go since it also has a downloadable app. While tourists spend lots of time walking up down the streets of London taking in the beauty around them, the app allows users to view various smart bench locations as well attractions and points of interest available in surrounding areas.
Charging and Recharging - Outdoors
In a rapid changing society like today, it only makes sense that public spaces be furnished with modern, sleek and urban furniture that caters to the needs of the 21st century. As more and more people are spending time on their devices, smart benches are in fact encouraging more and more people to get out and enjoy cityscapes and the community.  And while you are sitting on these benches charging your phone and eating a sandwich, you can donate a sum of money to Cancer Research UK; which is one of the many organizations that Strawberry Energy has partners with.
From runners and cyclists who need to gauge the air quality before a run to Londoners taking a lunch break during work, these Strawberry Energy smart benches are certainly encouraging people to slow down, smells the roses and enjoy the free Wi-Fi while you’re at it!