Great ideas for your housewarming party

If you’re reading this let me be the first to say congratulations!

Because it’s highly likely you’ve just moved into a new house and that means you can start planning a celebratory housewarming party. But before you start making plans and inviting friends round let’s look at some ideas shall we?

The Traditional Party

The traditional housewarming party is going to be a lot of fun! Send out some invites you can probably do that all online if you prefer. Then all you need to do is get some drinks and food in and then just sit back and enjoy yourself, let guests stop by when they want.

The traditional housewarming party is not something that’s really structured and depending on how many people have been invited they can go for quite a while. So, make sure you have enough food and drink to last the night!

The Dinner Party

You don’t have to have a loud and rowdy party if it’s just not your thing while that might be the more traditional housewarming experience you don’t have to follow tradition. Instead, you could opt for a more formal dinner party like experience, send out some handwritten invites to close friends and family and have a more relaxed housewarming party instead.

You could go for a buffet style lunch, a three-course meal or a simple takeout, do it your way. You don’t have to go big if you’d rather celebrate your new home with just a few friends and family members instead. 

The Unpacking Party

This one is more of a themed party idea, invite some friends over to help you unpack while also celebrating your new home! The best part of this is you can get a lot of the unpacking work done while also celebrating your new home. Have a spread of drinks and food ready for people to enjoy while you get the unpacking done together. It’s a more unusual way to celebrate your new home but trust me it can be a lot of fun.

The Garden Party

Now you can only really do this one if the weather is on your side and you actually have a big enough garden! But it can be a lot of fun and best of you can even do your own barbeque as well! While you can have these parties late in the day and stretching on into the small hours of the night it’s probably best to hold them on a weekend during the day. 

You could have a more family-friendly orientated housewarming with soft drinks, party food, and burgers on the grill or go for a more adult party with alcohol depending on who you’re inviting. It might take a bit more prep work and not everyone will be able to hold one but a garden party can be a lot of fun.

Remember To Try And Keep Things Orderly

A housewarming party should be a celebration but you also need to take your neighbours into consideration especially if you're having an adult only party where alcohol is being served. You don’t want to make a bad impression right away, do you?

So, make sure your close neighbours know you’ll be holding a party and it might even be a good idea to invite them, it’s a good opportunity to get to know them after all isn’t it? You should also try to keep the event as orderly as possible which means ensuring it isn’t too noisy especially if the party is going on till late at night.

Remember to get plenty of bin bags as well because you don’t want to trash your new home just after you’ve moved in do you? Don’t worry you can still enjoy yourself and have fun but do be mindful of the people around you as well.