How to make a rental property feel like home

Though you may not own the space, chances are you’ll want to make your leased abode feel like home so put your own stamp on the place with this easy advice.
Renting a home is a reality for most of us at some point in our lives. Strict landlords and lengthy, written contracts can mean that the renter must play by a plethora of rules or risk losing their deposit when it’s time to move on. Sure, we all want to be respectful, but these regulations can be very restrictive when it comes to trying to inject some personality into a property.
Though you may not own the space, chances are you’ll want to make it feel a little like home by putting your own stamp on the place. Painting and putting holes in the walls to hang pictures are often forbidden but there are a few ways to help break the monotony of magnolia.
  • Lean large artworks rather than mounting them on the wall. Mantelpieces, console tables and the spaces between cupboards, wardrobes and the ceiling are great ways to add colour and interest.
  • Changing the light fixtures in a rental house is a great way to make a place your own. Beautiful fabric covered lampshades can be switched back to the original coverings when you move on.
  • The same goes for freestanding furniture. Rental homes are often sparse on pieces like end tables, consoles and occasional chairs. Each of these can make a big different to the feel and usability of a space and can be packed up and transported easily when moving.
  • Loading up a rental sofa with cushions, throws and blankets can help to bring confused, unconsidered decor together.
  • If drab walls are getting you down, why not add some removable wallpaper to a feature wall or two. This is a great solution for renters as it can inject colour and personality instantly without compromising your contract.
  • Questionable curtains can be easily replaced for the duration of your stay by something that’s a little more up your alley. Store away the landlord’s selection and when you’re ready to move on, clean and rehang the offending articles.
  • If your kitchen cabinets have seen better days why not use some of that removable wallpaper to bring them back to life.
  • Area rugs can hide shabby flooring or jazz up a yawn-worthy carpet.
  • Peel-off splash backs are a great way to customise a dull kitchen.
  • If you really feel that you can’t live with something in a rental property like a terrible sofa or a nasty wall colour for instance, it’s always worth checking if the landlord could remove it or would allow you to do so.
Finally, there may be more leeway in your contract than you might imagine but it is also important to discuss any major décor changes that you’d like to make. A happy landlord makes for a happy renter! If you are looking for your dream property, get in touch today and one of our experts will be more than happy to help.