Need a Quick Sale? We Can Help!

Don’t have time to wait for mortgage lenders, building surveys and longwinded enquiries from solicitors?

If you want your property sold in weeks, not months, then Outlook can help. Perhaps your property has a problem – poor condition, structural defect, short lease – or maybe you just the money in the bank with the minimum of hassle. In those circumstances a reliable, trustworthy, experienced property investor could be the best solution.

Outlook have strong relationships with North and East London’s leading property investors – people who can make a rapid assessment of any problems the property comes with and who are financially capable of completing a purchase swiftly.

Even with a quick sale you want to avoid underselling. There are many people operating in the market who will agree to buy at a low price and then sell it on the same day for a 10%-20% profit. There’s no need to do this – make sure you have your property valued before you agree to sell it.

Contact your local Outlook branch if you are interested in discussing a quick sale.