Reclaimed and reimagined – East London furniture makers

More than just a business, Leyton company thinkFOUND are giving back to the community as they take the furniture industry by storm.

In the past few years there has been something of a revolution in East London. Gone are the days where empty houses and rundown shops lined the streets and nowadays, every month there are new businesses and hot spots for people in the East End to explore.

Located in the heart of Leyton is thinkFOUND, East London foragers of furniture, creating reclaimed & reimagined pieces for the home. Founded out of a love for simple, stylish furniture and a growing concern for the 21st century throwaway culture, thinkFOUND draws inspiration from local hero, William Morris. A designer, social activist and pioneering environmentalist, William Morris believed you should, “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

thinkFOUND is a small business, making custom made tables from the waste product of scaffold boards – a long lasting, durable wood. Using wood that would have otherwise been burnt, thinkFOUND believe in reusing discarded material rather than purchasing new timber. All furniture is made and treated using environmentally safe, non-toxic and eco friendly oils and waxes and is void of toxic petrochemical pollutants and high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). What’s more, each table is made to individual customer’s measurements and they have a turnaround of 6 working days.

Bring some industrial chic into your home with a handcrafted kitchen/ dining table. Alternatively, the pallet coffee table will uplift your room this season and get every guest talking for the right reason. Haven’t got room for a table, how about a handmade coat rack or key peg? Instead, why not get in touch with thinkFOUND and ask them to make that piece of furniture you’ve been looking for everywhere?

Aiming to work with the council on apprenticeships and back to work schemes, thinkFOUND are just one example of an East London business striving to give back to the community. The local establishment have previously worked with young and disadvantaged persons of the borough - offering experience and skills in design, production, marketing and running of the enterprise.

The Argall Avenue based business are also developing their existing partnerships with charities such as Forest Recycling Project as well as creating new ones to progress the circular economy within the borough of Waltham Forest. More than just a business, thinkFOUND aim to develop talent and become a place where not just business flourishes, but so do the people they work with.

Director of thinkFOUND, Chris Barrett commented: “Furniture can reflect not just who we are but how we want to live. In our busy consumer driven world, it’s increasingly hard to live your life free from pollutants. If our furniture can be economical on materials and promote a greener living without compromising on style then why can't we create a better environment to live in?”

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