The advantages of experience in lettings

Whether you’re looking to become a landlord or a tenant, choosing an experienced letting agent to assist you in finding the ideal building or tenant is always a good decision.

So, why exactly should you choose an experienced agent for letting? Well, aside from the obvious reasons of ensuring you’re paying a fair price, your tenants are going to be well screened and all the proper documentation will be present there are a few benefits you don’t commonly find people talking about.
1: Accurate and Up to Date Information
It is all too easy to just say what people want to hear. It isn’t anybody in particulars fault. It is simply human nature. With a letting agent at your back, you can ensure that all the details, certificates and inspections are up to date, valid and accurate.
An agent can provide you with insights and information on the history of a unit, building history and neighbourhood history. Not to mention an Experienced letting agent can help you design a fair and attractive rental proposal. With inside information on local real estate value and neighbourhood value, you can ensure you’re charging or paying the exact right price to attract the best possible tenant or accept the best possible offer.
2: Access to Specialized Services
In addition to the other benefits we have covered, letting agents can also help to get you into contact with other professionals and services. From legal help with Leases to Advertising for your listing, letting Agents can bring all manner of valuable services to your fingertips.
Always make sure to ask your letting agent what other services there are for you to take advantage of, to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. There is always another way to make your unit or proposal more attractive to prospective tenants or landlords.
3: Advice on how to Make Your Proposal/Unit More Attractive
If you’ve searched for a rental or tried to find a tenant in the past, you know sometimes it can be hard to get your proposal accepted or your unit leased successfully. One of the many advantages of having an experienced letting agent helping you is that they can provide you insight on what current shoppers or landlords are looking for. What they are most commonly willing to accept.
This information can be absolutely invaluable to you as a renter or landlord. Knowing what it is that makes a unit worth what it is and how to raise its value can take your proposal from “enticing” to a “must accept” and an “Ok” unit to a “Must have” unit.
We could only touch on a few key details here but there are many many more advantages to hiring an experienced agent when you are letting. It is, of course, possible to do it on your own. Many have done it. However, if you’re looking for a “home” you deserve the best. The best is only achievable if you have the power of knowledge on your side. The power of knowledge is the most important tool in any endeavour. An agent can offer this to you and more in spades.