The home interior trend everyone is talking about - Scandinavian inspired interiors

Last year it was all about Hygge - a Danish term used to encourage followers to indulge in cosiness and warmth with the use of luxurious candles, blankets and mounds of rich cakes and coffee. However, there’s a new trend in town and the Scandinavian know exactly how to live.

Lagom, a Swedish term and pronounced Lar-gom describes a lifestyle, which is based on balance, moderation and sustainable living. Think not having or taking too little or too much of anything and being content with what you’ve got. While Hygge encouraged followers to indulge, the concept of Lagom is opposite, encouraging attitudes and behaviours that benefit your wellbeing, happiness, bank balance and the environment.

Whilst Hygge is a momentary state of bliss, Lagom is a way of living. Yet how do we get more Lagom? Translated as ‘just the right amount’, Lagom relates to being frugal, fair and creating balance. The balance of doing not too little and not too much is a lifestyle that allows you to fully appreciate the things you already have. It isn't about buying items to create a way of living, it's about making the most of what is already in your home, embracing both happiness and frugality. Instead of buying new furniture, get upcycling and use a little creative flair and imagination to bring those much-loved pieces back to life and appreciate your décor once again. Got an old dress that you no longer wear but love the pattern? Why not re-cover your kitchen chair with it?

Unlike Hygge, which is about indulgence, Lagom is about moderation. By curbing your treats, you’ll find that you begin to appreciate them and you’ll also be on the path of a healthier lifestyle. A Lagom household is also one that brings the outside in by introducing plants and flowers to living spaces. Plants are a cheap and effective way of adding a touch of nature to your home, helping to keep the air clean and brighten up interiors. Choose from an easy-to-care-for cactus or an orchid for an elegant look.

You can also find Lagom by keeping a note of your finances. Whether you choose to start making your lunch to take to work or save £100 a month in a savings account, you can Lagom your life easily. Next, begin consciously reducing your environmental impact on the world by recycling and reducing you energy consumption at home.

Finally, after a hard day of Lagom-ing, put your feet up in front of a wood-burning fire. From reading a book, to simply sitting and enjoying a glass of wine, this combination of relaxation and warmth is something everyone should try. Here’s to finding pleasure in moderation!