The wonders of parquet

Popular since the 17th Century, parquet flooring is luxurious, sophisticated and guaranteed to get everyone talking for the right reasons this summer.

There's no denying it, there's something rather special about parquet wood flooring. Radiating elegance and sophistication, it can't help but get noticed. Once eye-wateringly expensive, in the 17th Century parquet was found exclusively in castles and grand stately homes. However, now affordable to all, thanks to advances in modern manufacturing techniques, in terms of colour, design and pattern, anything goes.


Traditional golden honeyed oak hues are still popular but they are making way for more outgoing colours. Peter Keane, Director of The Natural Wood Floor Company explains: “Homeowners are now more informed and visually inspired than ever before. If they see something on Instagram or in a magazine, they want to replicate the look in their own homes. This has made everyone far more creative.”

“The trend for light whites and greys has transferred from wooden boards to parquet blocks" Peter continues. “The beauty of the lighter shades is that they don't overpower, but instead work with the wood to the enhance the oak's natural features. In contrast, darker shades, such as Jacobean oak and walnut offer drama, depth, and richness." For the best of both worlds, there's Oak & Walnut Fine Line Parquet. From dark cocoa tones through to taupe, gold, and hints of ivory, this floor is gloriously varied.


For a convincing reclaimed look, without the hassle of sourcing it and the extra fitting costs involved, there's the popular Aged Oak parquet blocks. With tumbled edges and a worn natural appearance, it has bags of vintage chic and is available in natural oak, Antique and Ebony finishes. Alternatively, there are countless finishing options with the unsealed oak version. 

Why not forget convention and upscale with 600 mm blocks, even in smaller rooms? “Larger blocks aren't restricted to huge grandiose spaces,” says Peter Keane. “They can actually make smaller rooms feel larger, by playing with perspective and leading the eye to focal points jotted around the room.”

Pattern & Fitting Costs

From the popular zig-zags of a classic herringbone, to basket weave and brick, there are plenty of options to get the most out of a parquet floor. Chevron parquet has angled ends (unlike the square ends of regular parquet), so herringbone is the only option here. Laying parquet flooring requires skill and experience, so it's probably best left to the experts. Expect to pay from £50.00 per sq m for fitting, although be aware that installation costs will increase with the intricacy of the design.

So, what are you waiting for? Unveil the possibilities and install modern flooring for modern living. Unlike solid wood reclaimed parquet, new blocks made from engineered wood, can be used with underfloor heating and are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms too. For more information, visit