What makes your ideal forever home?

At Outlook Property, we know that people searching for property often have a picture in their mind of their ideal home and have certain criteria that must be ticked off the list before an offer is made.
We were interested to hear about some research, carried out by Origin, who surveyed 2,000 people on the ‘must-have’ qualities of their dream, forever home. It turns out that many people still hope to one day own a house they call their own for good, and for the majority this means a detached 4-bed home, overlooking lovely countryside views but still a short commute to work, with a shop to nip into for the milk and a local pub for a pint on a Sunday afternoon!
Top criteria include:
The perfect distance from work was an average of 10.5 miles. We want to be close enough to civilisation but be surrounded by lovely greenery too, truly having the best of both worlds.
A home filled with natural light is top of the list, with four bedrooms, two of which should have en-suite facilities. It would need at least two bathrooms and a power shower in one of these is a must. At the hub of the home would be a large dining kitchen, with a separate utility room for practical, functional living.
A playroom for the children or grandchildren would be nice and not one, but two reception/living room spaces is desirable. It would be perfect if one of these had folding doors out onto the garden, which brings us onto the outdoor space…
Well-kept gardens to the front and rear please though these spaces don’t have to be huge, with 1000 sq ft being ample for most in terms of manageability. The garden would have flowerbeds, paving or patio areas and a conservatory or summerhouse to transform it into a useable living/social space.
We’d like to make sure we could hang our washing out on those dry days too and many of us are keen gardeners who’d like to grow veggies in our very own vegetable plot. A gate and driveway to the front, plus a double garage, and a lovely view would make our exterior space most idyllic.
Community and amenities      
It’s important to us that we know our neighbours. Many desire to feel part of a community and be friendly with at least four neighbours that they are on a first name basis with.
There are some essential amenities that we’d need on our doorstep, no more than 2 miles away, including a post office, a doctors surgery, a corner shop/off-licence, a school, a supermarket with a petrol station, a nice park to visit and a pub for a good Sunday roast. Ideally we’d like a dentist, some restaurants, a leisure centre, a cinema, clothes shops and a farm shop close by too – so much for the simple life!
What Is Your Ideal Home?         
Do these features sound right up your alley? Or is there something else that you dream about in your forever home? If you are searching for your ideal forever home, we’d love to hear from you to see how we can help you find it.