Which colours can boost the value of your home?

Which colour shades appeal the most to prospective property buyers and how can sellers use these to their advantage?

First impressions are everything when selling your home. While a buyer may ask about maintenance, the condition of appliances and local amenities, these factors can pale in comparison to the feeling a buyer gets when they step over the threshold.
With appearance typically at the forefront of buyers’ minds, it’s no secret that colours play a significant part in the marketing of a home. After all, the colour palette in your home acts as a backdrop to its overall theme. Paint is relatively simple to apply and change, but the wrong colour could potentially put a buyer off from the start.
Therefore, as a seller, it’s important to know what colours are most likely to attract a buyer’s eye.
There have been studies conducted to determine which colours are most likely to attract prospective buyers. While some popular design colours tend to change over time, it seems oceanic shades remain consistently popular.
This much is demonstrated by research, with four of the UK’s top five favourite colours being hues of blue. ‘Medium Turquoise’ came out as the number one pick. Often associated with clear skies and oceans, blue is a staple of many homeowners’ décor. The colour is said to create a sense of satisfaction and carries an airy feel.
Incorporating blue into your home ahead of putting your property on the market needn’t be a hassle, either. Ocean-inspired prints on the bathroom wall add a nice touch, while filling a glass bowl with blue stones, shells and marbles in the lounge is a much subtler approach – adding character and freshness to the home.
To brighten your property even further, blue scatter cushions are a great way of incorporating the colour into the home without having to change the décor too much. Alternatively, navy acts as a decent getaway blue if lighter shades do not match your current interior design scheme, allowing you to accentuate with smaller bursts of turquoise and aqua.
With the good often comes the bad. The study also revealed which colours are the worst to decorate in and most likely to put off prospective buyers, with the infamous ‘Dark Khaki’ coming out on top. ‘Chartreuse’, ‘Saddle Leather’, ‘Summer Corn’ followed closely behind, with ‘Faded Sand’ completing the top five most disliked interior design shades.
According to experts, most colour aversions stem from food preferences. People tend to dislike colours which are associated to decomposing or rotting food, such as browns and greens.
However, it’s still possible to utilise some of these shades in your home without sending buyers running for the hills. ‘Khaki’ can appear quite tasteful if used sparingly, but ‘Linen’ is often considered a better colour, as the similar shade is more palatable due to its creamy undertones.
There are other benefits to darker, earthy colours. Bringing green and brown shades with wooden furniture or natural greenery helps to further the opening effect of the blue, as it creates the feeling of an outdoor space within the home.
From the above, it’s clear that colour can be a powerful tool for attracting buyers. As a homeowner and seller, it’s important to know which trends in home décor are thriving and use this knowledge to your advantage. Whether it’s using inexpensive blue furnishings, or going all out and re-painting the walls, your best efforts are likely to catch a potential buyer’s eye.